About Us
Hibbs Farms is a family farm located in the Iowa River basin just west of Albion in Central Iowa.  The farm now has its 6th generation of family members involved in the operation.  We are carrying on the family tradition of raising premium beef cattle known throughout Iowa for its quality.  Our cattle have produced meat that has consistently placed in the top five of the Beef of Merit Show at the Iowa State Fair.  The meat is tested for marbling and tenderness.  We received champion honors twice and been named reserve champion once in recent years.

Our herd comes from a foundation of Black Angus cows that are raised and live on approximately 650 acres of green pastures.  Sires are carefully selected to reduce calving problems for the cows and yield strong, healthy offspring.  Calves are born in the pasture in March and April where they live until they are finished on hay and some grain to produce the best-tasting final product.  No animal proteins are used in their feed.  We take pride in raising healthy cattle that receive the Beef Quality Assurance certification.